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How to attract apprentices to your business

It can be hard to attract the skills that you need to help your business grow, and with the ever-changing new introductions of many new routes to work for, it can be hard to remember that you still need to try to make an effort in making your company seem attractive to new potential employees.

Advertise the benefits there are for working for you

When posting the position that needs to be filled, list some benefits to get more applicants – show them what your business offers that others don’t.
Put your vacancies out across all social media platforms that you have (this will attract all those who are already interested in your business). 
When promoting the apprenticeship vacancy, remember to be clear on what requirements must be met as this can help you eliminate those who do not meet them.
Remember, if you want to hire an apprentice, we can help you with the recruitment process!
For more information on this and our process, click here.

Make a lasting impression on young talent

It is important to remember, some parents and students often have misconceptions about apprenticeships being a ‘secondary option’ compared to attending university, so make sure to look for ways to show the unique benefits of choosing a vocational pathway that doesn’t require a degree. This will also make a lasting image of your company and their future careers.
Be honest about the process, how the training will be implemented and who will be the main contact, if they have any questions about the company or their apprenticeship. Knowing that this kind of detailed process is set up and a building support system is in place can be attractive to many potential apprentices.

Lastly, before you start posting about this new apprenticeship vacancy have a look at your current team and see if you have anyone that could be upskilled as part of an apprenticeship to fill the skills gap your company has.