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Retail Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship

Retail Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship


About The Course

The Retail Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship is for learners working in a wide range of retail settings.

Retail team leaders are a critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to customers, and may have to deputise for managers in their absence. The role is dynamic and in one day can involve a variety of different functions.

Course Information

  • Standard Reference


  • Course Duration

    13 Months

  • Course Costs

    £4000- Our training courses are either funded by the Government or by employers apprenticeship levy account, depending on the size of the company. Learners are not required to pay towards their apprenticeship training

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for an apprenticeship course, the following criteria must be met:

  • Be aged 16+ at the time of enrolment
  • Be a citizen of the UK or European Economic Area (EEA), or have lived in the UK or EEA for the past three consecutive years
  • Be in full-time employment, working a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • Not already hold a qualification at level 4/ foundation degree/HNC or above in the same area that you wish to study

Entry Requirements

  • Be employed within a job role in which your day to day responsibilities support the knowledge, skills and behaviours

Course Curriculum

  • Understand the customer profile of the business, their purchasing habits across a retail calendar year and how to meet and exceed their needs.
  • Understand the purpose of the business including its vision, objectives and brand / business standards, how they compare to its competitors and how own role, and the team, help to achieve them
  • Understand how own actions and those of the team can contribute to the overall financial performance of the business by increasing sales
  • Understand how to organise the team on a daily basis to achieve objectives, and recognise the importance of contingency planning to meet business requirements; know limits of authority when deputising for line manager
  • Understand how to support effective communication, quickly determining the situation and needs of individuals and how to respond in the most appropriate way using a variety of techniques and methods 
  • Understand how the brand / business is positioned externally, particularly in relation to local and online competitors and how its products / services meet consumer trends.
  • Know and promote the features and benefits of products / services, their unique selling points, the skills required to sell them, where items fit into product ranges, associated  products and services, where to find detailed information if required and other relevant information such as delivery lead time, accessibility and source
  • Understand the principles of stock control from sourcing to sale / supply. Understand the management of stock levels, security, restrictions
  • Understand how current and emerging technologies support retail operations and sales whether customer facing or remote, and how best to operate them to achieve an efficient and effective service
  • Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of self and others to develop a high performing team in the business.
  • Know how to identify and develop excellent team performance.
  • Understand how the performance of the team contributes to the overall success of the business
  • Understand how to work with and support people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and the business policy on diversity
  • Understand the importance of business compliance to legal requirements and supporting the team to operate in line with business policy and procedures
  • Monitor customers’ enquiries and service requirements; coach and support team members to use appropriate methods
  • Work with the team to maintain brand / business standards at all times and identify and address any potential risks according to business procedures
  • Support the achievement of financial targets by planning and monitoring resources. Use resources effectively and efficiently to meet expected demand. Oversee the areas that impact on financial performance in own area of the business in line with business procedures
  • Use available information to coordinate the work of the team so that the right people and resources are in the right place at the right time to ensure consistent brand / business standards are delivered. Deputise for line manager within limits of own authority
  • Support the team to ensure they understand and engage in the marketing activities and plans of the business and help ensure that customers have the best possible experience
  • Adapt style of communication according to the audience, monitor the effectiveness of and encourage excellent communications across all operations that achieve the best result for the business including verbal, written and on-line communications
  • Communicate sales targets to the team and support them, recognising and acting on opportunities to maximise revenue, for example through link selling and drawing customers’ attention to promotional offers
  • Maximise opportunities to increase sales by ensuring team know and understand the features, benefits, unique selling points and other relevant information relating to products, product ranges and services offered by the business
  • Ensure team replenish and maintain merchandising according to business requirements, the retail calendar and local needs
  • Ensure team complies with stock procedures to minimise stock damage or loss, maximise income and comply with legal requirements; and take appropriate action to sell stock that is near the end of its product, promotional or shelf life
  • Oversee the appropriate use of technology in line with business policy and follow the appropriate procedures to deal with service issues
  • Operate in an empathic, fair and professional manner with all individuals regardless of background and circumstances
  • Be responsible, advocate and adhere to the importance of working legally in the best interests of all people
  • Positively and confidently challenge poor performance and reward excellent performance in line with business procedures
  • Take responsibility for own performance, learning and development. Develop positive relationships with team members, embracing new and better ways of working
  • Take a proactive approach and lead the team to effective stock management, ensuring stock is accessible and available in line with quality requirements, where and when needed
  • Promote all products and services confidently, demonstrating excellent knowledge and understanding of them
  • Demonstrate positive verbal and body language using concise and clear methods of communication, taking on board other peoples’ points of view and responding in a way that is considerate to the audience
  • Proactively seek to understand local consumer trends, competitors’ offers and promotions, and customer needs and expectations, report to manager, seek feedback and take action in area of responsibility
  • Display decisive thinking when making decisions that are in the best interest of the business. Use sound judgement; take prompt action in the case of problems relating to resources
  • Demonstrate commercial awareness and act responsibly and with integrity to protect the financial position of the business
  • Act as a role model to champion excellent customer service by always looking to improve customers’ experience through a welcoming and professional approach which builds strong customer relationships

Career Progression

After successful completion of the Retail Team Leader Apprenticeship,  you can progress onto roles such as:

  • Retail Manager Level 4 Apprenticeship
  • Supervisor
  • Shop Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • District Manager

What Support Do Learners Receive?

Online Learning
Our programme is developed with a blended approach giving apprentices support in both the workplace alongside online learning resources to support their
Apprentices are provided with their own unique portal they can access to upload their work and receive feedback from their assessor.
Access to a vast amount of learning support materials that can be accessed at any time so they can make the most of their face to face training.
Dedicated Tutor Support
RM Training assessors support apprentices throughout the programme.
We will provide a single point of contact for any questions or help your apprentice needs.
Help apprentices to build their portfolio as the programme progresses.
Meet apprentices and their managers regularly in the workplace to check their progress and provide support where required.

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