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Information, Advice and Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance

RM Training will provide the highest quality Information, Advice and Guidance services.

Our goal is to provide an independent information advice and guidance service to anyone wishing to undertake one of our tailored training courses and also to anyone who is currently enrolled on one of our training courses.

Our information, advice and guidance service is the key to the success of our company, it ensures that every applicant we have are put on to programmes that best suit their own needs and this will contribute to our retention and success rates.

We will do all that we can to help individuals make informed choices about any training or development programmes we offer which will make a positive impact of their working lives and career goals.

If there are any training opportunities we at RM Training are unable to offer then we will be able to pass you on to various other providers and funding bodies we work with to help you gain the skills that you require.

Please click here to see our support and guidance page.