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Preparing for an interview

Have you got an interview coming up? Not sure what to do to prepare?
Well here is a little handy guide and quick tips for preparing for that important interview!

Research the organisation
You have to show your interest in them. Show the business that you know them! Check out their website, newsletters or social media for information. By showing the interviewer that you know what the organisation is up to will look good to your interviewers.
If you know who will be interviewing you, doing a bit of research on them (perhaps on LinkedIn) can potentially help reduce your nerves too.

Prepare for the possible questions
List possible questions that could be asked about your abilities and skills and draft answers that you can use. The interview is a chance to show your knowledge and skills but also your personality, so examples of hobbies or interests that are relevant might be of interest to your interviewer.

Research career progression and training opportunities
Look into how your role would fit within the team or company. This can give you a good understanding of what path you can possibly take within the business. This will show the interviewer that you think about the long term results and that you are taking this seriously.

Sort out extra support you may need
If you need any special access or materials to be arranged for your interview, make sure to get in touch with the organisation and let them know.
For example, adjusting chairs, a sign language interpreter or alternative access such as ramps or rails.

Plan the route
Make sure to plan enough time to get to your interview and leave some extra time just in case anything happens such as traffic. The last thing you would want is to arrive flustered or late.

Plan your outfit
Make sure to plan what you are going to wear a few days before the interview in case you decide that you need to buy an outfit! By planning your outfit earlier, you allow yourself some time to focus on the more important things.

Think of any questions that you would like to ask
Whilst you are doing your research, there may be a few questions that come up with that you would like to ask. Write them down and make sure that they are clear for the interviewer to understand. This can help you understand the business better and lets the interviewer know that you really want to get to know the business!