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Equality & Diversity


As an employer and training provider, RM Training UK Ltd values and recognises the social and cultural diversity in our communities and aims to provide conditions that encourage everyone to participate in learning, actively combat harassment and where people are treated with dignity.

We endeavour to protect all our staff and learners from all forms of unlawful, unfair and/or unjust discrimination because of sex, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, material or civil partnership status, pregnancy, or maternity, gender reassignment and part-time or fixed-term employment status.

We are committed to creating opportunities for all and allowing all learners to reach their full potential in an environment characterised by dignity and mutual respect.

This policy will help embed in our company a culture that values openness, fairness and transparency.

Our beliefs and guiding principles

  • We value diversity and equal opportunities in society and in our workforce.
  • We understand and promote the benefits of diversity as a means of broadening our talent base, achieving high performance, and enabling all learners to feel included and reach their full potential.
  • We protect our staff and learners from discriminatory practices and maintain our reputation as a fair and responsible employer and training provider
  • We monitor the application of the Diversity Policy and obtain workforce statistics.
  • We train and educate all staff and learners on diversity, equal opportunities and Prevent legislation
  • We take a best practice approach to diversity


We are fair, open and honest and we promote equal opportunities

We are committed to raising awareness of equality and diversity amongst our learners, staff and clients, ensuring that all learners and staff are treated with dignity and respect, within a safe and secure environment, free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

We do this by:

  • Encouraging the full participation of learners in all aspects of their learning
  • Working towards inclusive learning by ensuring a degree of flexibility to match the needs of individual learners with the delivery
  • Identifying and removing any discriminatory practices, procedures and customs and replacing them with systems that are fair and equal to all
  • Actively promoting equality and diversity among staff, learners and employers
  • Making sure that all learners and staff are protected from harassment, bullying and discrimination, including those based with employers and other sites external to the provider’s
  • Managing any incidents or complaints relating to equality effectively and efficiently
  • Having strategies in place to safeguard learners, such as apprentices and vulnerable adults, who are based with employers from harassment, bullying and discrimination and the risk of becoming radicalised.

Recruitment and Selection

We make every effort to recruit staff and learners from all sections of society and ensure fair treatment throughout the recruitment and selection process.

  • We make the wording and images we use reflect and appeal to all sections of society.
  • We make all job specifications relevant and non-discriminatory and to ensure that short-listed candidates have skills and qualifications which most closely match the job requirements.
  • We ensure the fair, consistent and non-discriminatory questions at interview.

Adjustments for staff and learners with disabilities

We actively seek to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of disability.

  • We have a guaranteed interview scheme for all job applicants with a disability who meet the minimum selection criteria.
  • We make every effort to identify and provide any ‘reasonable adjustments’ required to learning arrangements or environment.
  • We provide support to learners with a disability to make every effort to ensure they can meet their full potential
  • We make reasonable adjustments to our assessment processes for training courses where required to ensure no-one is disadvantaged

Learning and Development

We deliver training and on-going advice and instruction through staff induction programmes and on-going professional development.  At induction, we make every staff member and learner aware of the diversity policy and complete Prevent Awareness training. We make sure that the context of any in-house course adheres to the principles of the policy.  We endeavour to accommodate specific needs of disabled staff and learners


All of our staff and learners have access to an online computer based training suite which allows them to refresh their knowledge on a variety of work-related topics at any time.


We combat unlawful discrimination

We endeavour to protect our staff and learners from discrimination of any kind by raising awareness and conducting training.  We will support any staff member or learner who raises concerns about discriminatory behaviour.

We will deal with any complaints relating to discrimination sensitivity and effectively through our grievance procedure or disciplinary procedure, as appropriate.

We improve awareness of discrimination

We are aware that discrimination may not always be obvious and we seek to improve the awareness of our staff and learners of all types of discrimination.

Direct Discrimination: when a person is treated less favourable because of their sex, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, material or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, gender reassignment, part-time or fixed-term employment status.

Indirect Discrimination: when an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice puts a group of people with a protected characteristic at a particular disadvantage when compared to other groups.

Victimisation: when a person is treated less favourable because they have raised a complaint of discrimination (including bringing legal proceedings), or given evidence in relation to someone else’s complaint.

Harassment: when a person is subjected to unwanted conduct relating to a protected characteristic which affects the recipient’s dignity or creates an offensive, intimidating or hostile environment.  This can include an isolated incident or a series of incidents.

We Promote Diversity

We take a proactive approach to promoting diversity in all areas of the business and we are continuously improving our approach to diversity

We Support our Clients

We work with our clients to provide support and advice on diversity issues where required and help them to achieve their diversity goals.  We can also assist our clients in monitoring the equality information of our learners

We want to demonstrate best practice at all times so that clients actively seek to work with us.

We Support our Learners

Every learner receives equality and diversity and prevent training as part of their induction and each training session should promote equal opportunities, and should be identified within the lesson plan.

We are aware that diversity promotes a better blend of skills and experience and we endeavour to ensure that we are actively promoting equality and diversity throughout all of training programmes and delivery.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The RM Training UK Ltd Quality/Management Team will monitor and evaluate achievement in respect of equality by taking the following actions:

  • Ensure that all employees who deliver training services receive training to ensure that they do not discriminate unlawfully
  • Review and monitor our services to ensure that they do not discriminate against anyone, identify barriers to access and assess where improvements can be made
  • Ensure that organisations or individuals providing services on behalf of RM Training UK Ltd comply with equal opportunities legislation and promote equality of opportunity