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Apprenticeship Recruitment Process

Apprenticeship Recruitment Process

By taking on an apprentice, you can help your business grow whilst also providing young people a way to earn a wage and qualification while they do practical training in a job they have interest in.


Our process:

Step One
Complete our Apprenticeship Agreement Form and one of our team will contact you.

Step Two
Agree on a job description and find out more about any Employer Incentive Payments you may be eligible for.

Step Three
Job goes live on the ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ website!

Step Four
We will pre-screen the candidates to find the most suitable for you.

Step Five
You will get sent all the shortlisted candidates so you can select who you would like to interview.

Step Six
The interview gets arranged. Once you have chosen the successful candidate(s), you can agree on a start date for them or a trial day.

Step Seven
We will help you get set up on the Digital Account Service to draw funding for the apprentice(s).

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