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Future-proof your workforce

It is time to invest in your current workforce. RM Training understands what is important to your organisation and how Apprenticeships can help to achieve your business goals.

Training takes time and money, however with the Government funding for training available, employers can now make the most out of it and upskill their staff with apprenticeships!
At RM Training, we pride ourselves on how closely we work with our learners and employers to make sure you get the best experience. The learner’s progress is tracked and involves your team at every step and achievement all the way to the end of their successful completion of their qualification. 

Why Should You Up-Skill Your Employees?

Improves customer experience – new knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver the best possible service
Increase productivity and morale – motivated employees will engage more positively with your business
Improved employee retention – future recruitment can be costly, invest in further development to retain your employees
Be a market leader – employees will be aware of the latest changes in industry
Keep ahead of the competition – learning encourages ideas and innovation

What we can offer you:

A blended learning approach to suit employees capabilities including on-the-job mentoring, coaching and e-learning.
A free recruitment service if you decide to hire someone new as an apprentice
A tailored workforce development plan specific to your business and sector

For more information on upskilling employees, please click here