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Training for Management

Following on from our blog post last week, upskilling is so important for a business.
When you have employees who have made it to the management stage, what do they do now? Are they confident they know what they are required to do?
Don’t worry, they are not alone. Only 39% of new managers actually receive formal training, leaving 61% with none at all.*
As a result, 51% reported that they felt unprepared for their first management role. This leads to an issue of about 60% of new managers underperforming or failing within their first two years.

So what can you do?

  • Request formal training
    Talk to your line manager about perhaps taking on a commercial training programme or an Apprenticeship programme. Make it clear why you want this and how it could benefit not only you, but the business as a whole. Click here to view our different programmes.
  • Apprenticeship training as a viable option
    If you work in a small to medium business, the business may only need to pay 5% of the total programme cost. If your business pays the Apprenticeship levy, your HR team would be able to advise whether they can fund the full programme price.
  • Understand your style
    There are loads of management styles and it could be useful to find out what type you are and how you can develop

Here at RM Training, we can talk to you about what type of training we can offer you and the benefits of it.
Get in contact with us on 01322 217072 or email for more information.


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