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How To Turn Your Part Time Job Into a Career With Apprenticeships

Maybe you’ve finished your studies and decided to pick up a part time job for some extra money, or maybe you have decided that you don’t want to go to university, so you are working an entry-level job for the experience.

You may find yourself working in a pub, retail or as an office junior. These are usually great jobs for young adults and gives you the experience you need.

But did you know that you can keep the job you love and still move further on in your career with a higher earning potential!

If you love the business you are currently working for and could see yourself working in a team leader, management, or higher professional position, you don’t need to get a degree. Instead, you can open up a conversation about apprenticeships with your employer.

Apprenticeships are for anyone over the age of 16, and employers can use them to upskill their existing staff!

There are many benefits to apprenticeships, and we have listed them for you to talk about with your employer!


Staff who complete an apprenticeship have a much higher retention rate.

An apprenticeship is a form of mentoring and employees feel more valued and loyal to the company.


Apprenticeships allow staff the chance to learn on-the-job and apply what they are studying to real situations they’re expecting in work.


Staff who work for your company and complete an apprenticeship already know and understand the intricacies of your business.

They have a familiarity with the company that others will not have.


Apprenticeships are funded up to 95% by the government

This means that the majority of the training fees for apprenticeships are covered. The apprentice also gets a nationally recognised qualification, as opposed to just a certificate of attendance!


Apprenticeships can be tailored to the business’ needs

If there is a topic that you need to cover immediately such as your manager immediately gets you going as a team supervisor, the training provider can ensure you study relationship building and people management as a priority.


If an apprenticeship sounds like something you would be interested in, call us on 01702 82001 to discuss what sort of apprenticeship you are after or take a look at our vacancies here.

If you are an employer looking to hire an apprentice, please call us on 01702 782001 or email us