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Breaking apprenticeship myths

There are a few myths about apprenticeships and how they are not deemed as important as a degree.

We are going to break down those myths and explain why sometimes, apprenticeships are the way to go!

It is time consuming!

Taking on a new member of staff regardless if it is an apprentice or not is always going to be time consuming. Training a new team member, regardless of their level of experience will take up resources. Apprentices tend to be hardworking and quick learners as they are enthusiastic and keen to learn as they are doing an apprenticeship in a career they want.

They are inexperienced

 Many apprentices have done work experience in other companies before they start the job! As they are interested in the career, many apprentices know a good amount about the job they are about to start meaning they come with knowledge on how the business works. Many apprentices also bring in fresh, new ideas and many employers found that other staff members learn a lot from them too. Apprentices can actually upskill current workforces!

It is expensive

With the incentive from the Government that ends on the 30th September, it is cost-effective to hire apprentices! The scope of the incentive means that smaller businesses can also take part. Apprentices have a direct impact on the bottom line of the business so they can help the business scale up and grow.

It is complicated to hire an apprentice

With the help of a training provider, hiring an apprentice can actually be quite straightforward. The process can be explained to employers by a training provider! At RM Training, we help you hire the apprentice by putting the advert out for them and also pre-screening them! For more information on our hiring process, click here

Apprentices leave after qualifying

Many apprentices actually stay on with their employment! As long as businesses provide the right kind of nurturing environment, training, and prospects at the end of the course, there is no reason why apprentices won’t be interested in continuing their career with the business.