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The impact of yoga

As today is International Yoga Day, we have some fun facts about the benefits of yoga and why it may be useful to start doing yoga regularly.

Yoga can help release helpful brain chemicals
Most exercise triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine which are mood-boosting chemicals also known as ‘feel-good’ chemicals. Even though yoga is slow and controlled, it can still elevate the heart rate, make your muscles work hard, and stimulate the release of those mood-boosting brain chemicals which means as a result, yoga can make you happier.

It can help relieve depression
Studies have shown that yoga can help ease depression. Researchers have found that yoga is comparable to other treatments such as medication and psychotherapy. Another benefit from this is that yoga can be practised at home which means it is free, or it can be done in a class or gym which means it is inexpensive compared to medication – it also doesn’t cause the same side effects as medicines!

Reduces your stress
A small study was conducted in America where 86% of people who practice yoga said that it helped them deal with their stress levels. The tightening and relaxing of muscles that you do during a yoga session help relieve tension. The calming atmosphere and serene music that normally plays as you do yoga can also help you relax.

Yoga can promote other healthy habits
Yoga can bring about other healthy habits such as choosing more wholesome foods, trying out new, different physical activities and also expose you to other similar health-minded people who can inspire you to make other positive lifestyle changes.

Ease anxiety
As yoga includes a lot of breath training and there is a relationship between anxiousness and breathing problems, it proves yoga can be effective. It can also teach you how to regulate your breathing so that you can use it for other occasions where you may feel a little uneasy.