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Taking control of your emotions

Taking control of your emotions

Emotions are important and when you understand what you feel and why you can own your emotions instead of them owning you.
It is good to be able to understand what you are feeling and why. Emotions play a huge role in how we think, behave, and interact with others. However, sometimes emotions can be extreme and overwhelming.

Being able to take control of your emotions is a vital skill that will help you in work and personal life. This does not mean hiding emotions or not feeling them as this can do more harm than good. It means that you are making sure that you are not being ruled by emotion.

There is no such thing as a bad emotion!

Whatever you feel, whether it is anger, sadness, jealousy, or frustration, it is fine. What actually matters is how you act on those emotions. Saying that anger is okay doesn’t mean that hitting someone is acceptable. Another example is that jealousy is okay, but it doesn’t mean its okay to take something belonging to someone else.

Different ways you can stop your feelings from getting the better of you:

Take some deep breaths and count to 10
This will give the initial wave of emotion to pass and allows you to consider your response to the situation.

Learn how to name what you are feeling
Sometimes people show harmful behaviour because they don’t know how to express their emotions any other way.
By learning how to name your feelings and express them in words is useful.
Just telling another person what you are feeling can take a lot of the immediate power out of it.

Know when to get some space
If you are feeling extremely emotional over a situation, sometimes it can help to give yourself a little bit of space. If you are arguing with a family member or partner, this might mean going for a walk or another room just to cool off.
Space gives you perspective as well as allows you time to get any intense feelings under control.

Talk to someone
One of the best ways to take control of your emotions is to talk to someone about them.
We all need a little help sometimes, and talking about your feelings is a powerful way to sort them out and decide how to move forward in the most constructive way.

Be kind to yourself
You would be kind to friends going through hard times, so be kind to yourself too.
Repressing emotions won’t help you. No one can conquer difficult emotions by simply deciding not to feel them.

Practice self-kindness. How would you respond if a friend came to you asking for help with the way they are feeling? You would be compassionate and understanding, and extend the same generosity to yourself.