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Staying safe outside at night

Being alone outside at night can sometimes be unnerving and many will feel that despite the fact everyone should be able to make their own way home without risk of anything happening, it is only sensible to take extra measures and precautions.

There have been previous incidents that have heightened fears about making journeys alone at night. One recent example would be Sarah Everard, 33, who was the victim of “deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation and fire” after she was kidnapped by PC Wayne Couzens when she was innocently walking home at night alone.

There is actually plenty of support and help that you can get if you want extra peace of mind for the next time you go out after dark.

These are some apps you can download on your phone:


WalkSafe is a personal safety app that allows you to avoid hotspots on your journey.

There is a map that shows crime figures taken from monthly reports, whether that be sexual assault, mugging, knife crime or pickpocketing.

The app will alert you if you are close to an area where crime has been reported so you can avoid it and go another route where possible.

There is also a ‘TapSafe’ feature that allows you to check in with your friends if you are feeling unsafe. You can tap ‘OK’ every 30 seconds or ‘nervous’ every 10 seconds before your contacts are alerted and shown your location.

Another feature WalkSafe has is that it lets you set an estimated time of arrival when you set off and will send your location to an emergency contact if you don’t get home in time.


One Scream

One Scream is an app that can detect a scream and a text message and automated call with your location will be sent to your nominated contact.

When the app is notified of danger, your phone will make a loud siren noise and vibrate. A notification will also pop up on your phone and you will have 20 seconds to cancel the alarm if needed.


Life 360

This app allows you to make your own circles of trusted contacts and check out their location. You can also send and receive real-time alerts when members of your circle leave or arrive at different places.

There is also a Help Alert function that lets your circle know that you don’t feel safe after 10 seconds.


If you have any safeguarding concerns and need to speak to someone urgently, please contact our safeguarding officer David on 07467952373.

If it is not urgent but should be brought to our attention, please call 01702 782001 or email