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National Careers Week 2022

This week is National Careers Week (7th-12th March)

To show our support, RM Training will be posting updates on our fully funded workshops which can help you take a step closer to your chosen career path!

What is National Careers Week?

NCW is an annual week-long celebration of careers guidance! The theme for the week is the ‘first 100 days’. This theme gives you an insight to what you can expect in the first 100 days of an apprenticeship.

Why should I take part?

National Careers Week can open more opportunities for you! You will be informed of workshops you can take part in, tips on how you can improve your CV and interview preparation!

Taking part also gives you the chance to see what options there are and will help you make an informed decision about your future. There will be careers fairs, podcasts and chances to ask employers and training providers questions about career/education options!