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How businesses are changing with apprenticeships

With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy in 2017, businesses had to start thinking more about the development of their current staff, and new recruits. Since the apprenticeship levy, employers across the UK have, with the support of training providers, included apprenticeship programmes and changed the lives of their teams by upskilling them.

Employers – especially levy payers are already building a training fund in the form of their apprenticeship levy pot. This fund can be used to train their existing team or to help bring new recruits straight from school. By working with a good training provider, such as RM Training, businesses can also see added value from tailored programmes and customised content.

Upskilling employees lets them to get a refresh on the knowledge they already know as well as learning new skills for their workplace allowing them to feel more inspired and to find more efficient ways of working.

The 20% off-the-job training that is required of all apprentices means that the apprentice has to dedicate 20% of their working time to training, this is so that they can learn and further develop their careers with the company. This could come in the form of a webinar, one to one session with their assessor or tasks their assessor has set them to complete.

There are a few main benefits to having apprentices within your organisation:

  • Raise staff morale
  • Increase diversity
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improves productivity
  • Create a talent pipeline across your organisation
  • Match the skills of employees to the skills you need

With these benefits, what’s stopping you from recruiting new hires or upskilling current staff?

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