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Citizenship Services

Citizenship Services

Services to take part in to help your community and improve your skills

National Citizenship Service

National Citizenship Service (NCS) is a voluntary personal and social development programme for 15-17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland.
You get the chance to meet new people, get your voice heard, and boost your CV!
The programme is held in the summer and takes up 2 weeks.
During the first week, you and your team will do some ice-breaking games and learn new life skills, whilst staying away from home for four nights and five days.
The second week is where you will be carrying out and celebrating the social action project your team designed and delivered for your local community.


There are many ways to help volunteer in your local community. Not only does volunteering benefit your community, but it can also improve your apprenticeship application.
Examples of voluntary work can include helping out at coffee and cake mornings in community centres, making food for shelters and helping out in charity shops.
You can find volunteering opportunities on local newspapers and notice boards, websites of any organisations you are interested in and your local council website