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Notice of Termination of EFSA Apprenticeship Agreement for Employers

An explanation in plain English

You may have received an email today from the Apprenticeship Service What exactly does Termination of EFSA Apprenticeship Agreement for Employers mean?

On the week commencing 9th March you would have received correspondence from the ESFA as an apprenticeship employer, regarding a new ESFA contract that needed to be signed via the portal.

The letter said that the new employer agreement would be available for employers to accept on the Apprenticeship Service from 14 April 2020 in the Organisations and Agreements section of the employer’s account.

What do i need to do?

Nothing for now. Due to the COVID-19, the Agency has decided that it would be in employers’ best interests to postpone the publication of the new employer agreement for signature until later in the year. It is now the Agency’s intention to make the new employer agreement available on 12 August 2020

Does this letter affect my current apprentices?

No, your current apprentices are not affected and will continue to receive high quality training and assessment from RM Training during COVID-19.

Can RM Training (UK) Ltd help?

If you have apprentices with RM Training (UK) Ltd or were looking into taking on apprentices with us in the near future please do not hesitate to call on 01322 217072.