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Write A CV

What is a CV?

A CV (curriculum vitae) allows you to summarise your education, skills and experience, selling yourself to employers.

How long should a CV be?

Your CV should be no longer than two A4 sides.

Only include the main facts and details that are relevant. If your CV is only one page, that’s fine. 

What to include in a CV

  • Contact Details – Include your full name, home address, mobile number and email address. 
  • Profile – Place your profile at the beginning of your CV. This is a great opportunity to talk about why you have the skills and qualities to work within the industry and qualification you are applying for. Pick out a few relevant achievements and skills and include what your career aims are.
  • Education – List and date all your qualifications and include the results.
  • Work Experience – List your work experience in order, make sure you list not only your duties but what you learnt and skills you developed.
  • Skills and Achievements – This is where you will talk about any experience you have but dont have qualifications or work experience to back up. This may be about your ICT skills. Communication skills that you can provide an example with that you participated in some public speaking whilst at school. Do not over-exaggerate your experiences as you will need to back up any claims at an interview.
  • Interests – Simply writing that you enjoy socialising, going to the cinema and reading isn’t going to catch the attention of any employer. Your interests should provide a good picture of who you are as a person and will give you something to talk about during an interview. Good examples would be any groups or activities you participate in, maybe you have an interest in gaming but have worked towards developing your own video game. 
  • References – You don’t need to provide the names of any references at this stage, also putting “references available upon request” inst needed. Most employers will just assume this to be the case.

CV Format

  • Avoid fonts such as Comic sans. Keep to an industry standard font like Arial size 10.
  • List everything in reverse chronological order so that the employer sees your most recent and impressive achievements first.
  • Keep it concise and easy to read by using clear points. You dont need to go crazy and change up the industry recognised format. Employers want your CV to be as easy to read as possible.

Get advice and help with your CV

If you are applying for an apprenticeship and you would liek some help and advice with your CV. Give RM Training interview team a call on 01322 217 072 and ask for a “CV Review”. We would be more than happy to take your CV, speak with you about any changes that you might need to make and then move forward with finding you an apprenticeship position.

Call us on 01322 217 072