Funding is available for employers who are looking to upskill their employees or to hire an apprentice.

Read on to find out how the funding works and if you are eligible for it.

Upskill Funding

Who can apply for upskilling?

Anyone who is currently employed can apply to be put on an upskill course.

What government funded training is available?

Depending on two different factors, depends on whether or not the upskill training can be 100% funded.

Employers who have less than 50 employees working for their company, who want to upskill their members of staff who are 16 – 18 years old, can have their training 100% funded.

However, this doesn’t mean that bigger companies or people of an older age cannot be upskilled – this simply means that the employee will need to pay for the upskilling services.

What upskill courses are available?

At RM Training, we provide a wide variety of Upskill courses:

  • Business Admin Upskill
  • Customer Service Upskill
  • Management Upskill
  • Marketing Upskill
  • Recruitment Upskill
  • Sales Upskill
  • Team Leading Upskill
  • Ware Housing Upskill
  • Youth Work Upskill

To find out more about each of these courses, take a look at our Upskill Courses page.

If you want to find out how upskilling your employees can benefit your company, why not check out our Upskill Employees page?

Apprenticeship Funding

Who is eligible for apprenticeship funding?

16-18 year old learners are eligible for a £1,000 government incentive training.

This means that employers do not have to pay towards the apprenticeship course fee and that they will receive £500 halfway through the learner’s course and the other £500 at the end of a successfully completed apprenticeship.

What apprenticeship courses are available?

Numerous different apprenticeships are available at RM Training, for our learner to take part in:

  • Business Admin Apprenticeship
  • Customer Service Apprenticeship
  • Management Apprenticeship
  • Marketing Apprenticeship
  • Recruitment Apprenticeship
  • Sales Apprenticeship
  • Team Leading Apprenticeship
  • Ware Housing Apprenticeship
  • Youth Work Apprenticeship

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about these apprenticeship courses, why not visit our Apprenticeship Courses Page?

For further information on the government incentive and funding, please contact RM Training today.