Upskill Courses

Business Administration

Upskilling your team members on a Business Administration can be highly beneficial and rewarding.

Whether your member of staff simply needs to be bought up-to-date on the latest practices for this job role, or they are unsure and need a little help and guidance to fully complete their job to a quick and efficient standard, we are here to help you along the way.

Business Administration covers a wide spectrum of tasks, from dealing with customers over the phone or through email, and sorting out paper work, to doing online work for the company website and social media – all of these tasks are covered under the Business Administration framework.

Customer Service

When completing a Customer Service job role, the aim is to provide the customer with a high-quality experience (through either email, social media, over the phone or face-to-face,) while delivering them the goods or service that they require. It should be an easy, memorable and faultless experience that will ensure the customer will return.

The member of staff who is being upskilled, will develop a variety of skills, from interacting with clients, handling money, to potentially contacting the client through email, phone call or post, after they have received the service to see how they would rate the product and if they would recommend it to anyone. During this job role, it is also important that the staff member meets the company code of conduct and meets their customer service standards and strategy.

The benefit of upskilling your team member, is that should they be unsure about any part of their job role, or if they simply need to be bought up-to-speed on the latest and most up-to-date methods of the customer service role, this is the most ideal way to leave them feeling more confident and knowledgeable about their job role.


With the digital world constantly moving forward this means there are constantly new marketing strategies progressing with the times, new social media sites coming out and new strategies to follow to bring attention to your company.

If you are a new member of a Marketing team or if you have been in a Marketing job role for a while and feel you need some training to bring you back on track, then have a look at our course structure and get in touch to book your Marketing Upskill course.

Operation/Departmental Manager

This job role teaches the learner to manage teams and projects while aiming to achieve the department goals and objectives. No matter the sector or the size of the company, the skills and experience that the learner will gain is priceless and will significantly boost their knowledge and confidence.

From learning how to manage projects, plans and teams, to being aware of time, finances and employee needs, this role is perfect for someone who wants to work their way up in a company.


The recruitment industry in recent years has been growing in popularity, especially with the younger generation who are looking for a new job.

Therefore, if you are new to this industry and feel a bit lost, unsure if you are doing your job properly, you may feel as though you need a bit more training.

Should this be the case, RM Training are here to help. From social media networking, building client and working relationships, to developing a recruitment resourcing plan.


If you are currently working in the retail centre but feel you need a bit more training to be fully confident at completing your job role, then a retail upskilling course is exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you need a bit of advice on how best to service customers, or the best way to display stock in the store, we are here to help. This course can take place in a wide variety of establishments, such as small local stores, to highly recognised chains. Even online stores can be included in this apprenticeship and upskilling course.

Sales & Telesales

Sales based jobs are the starting point for many people when they want to get a job and earn money.

However, while working in sales may seem pretty simple, working with customers, knowing the best way of talking and serving people and strategically putting stock on display is a learning curve for many people.

This is where we come in to help – through upskilling, you can feel comfortable and knowledgeable in your new job, with the aim to work your way up in the company.

Team Leading and Management

Are you new to Team Leading or Management?

Do you feel like to need a bit more training to fully excel in your job role?

If so, why not take part in one of our Team Leading and Management courses?

From setting aims and a step-by-step plan to ensure targets are met, to learning how to best manage, develop and support your team. We want you to feel confident with the responsibility you have been given, knowing how to best manage your workload and ensuring all tasks are completed to a high standard.


Warehousing is a busy and tiring job and when you are new to this industry, is can be a bit of a shock to the system to begin with.

This is why it is important to make sure you have a system and plan your tasks in an organised manner so you don’t waste time. Meanwhile, team work is highly important in this job role.

During your upskilling course, we will discuss these topics, helping you to plan and organise in order to maximise the use of your time, while also discussing areas around your job role that you feel uncertain of.

Youth Work

Youth work is all about supporting young people and their journey through life, where they will grow and develop social skills.

Life is constantly a learning curve for youths and they will no doubt have many questions, which is why it is important we encourage them and help them as best we can through life.

Therefore, RM Training are proud to offer our Youth Work Upskill course to help people, both new and old, to the Youth Work job role, to help you assist young adults as bet you can, through their educational growth.

For further information about our upskilling courses, please feel free to call orĀ send us an email.