Applying for Jobs

Applying for jobs can often seem like a never-ending process of looking on job sites on a daily basis and applying for anything and everything that is either suitable pay or suitable commuting distance.

However, when it comes to finding a job for yourself, you don’t want to apply for just anything.

There are undoubtedly some circumstances that you need to take into account:

  • How much you would be paid.
  • Making sure you are comfortable with the commuting distance.
  • Having the required experience or qualifications needed for the job role.

Nevertheless, there are other areas where you are able to be more choosey on the role you apply for.

Here are the following topic areas to take into consideration:

  • What are your career interests?
  • What kind of hours would you like to work i.e. Monday – Friday, weekend shifts, ability to work over-time?
  • Are you looking for a career where you can work your way up in the firm?
  • Would you like to work for a big company or something small?
  • Would you like to do a range of tasks throughout your line of work where every day is different, or would you like to have more of a routine and structure where your work may be repetitive throughout the week?
  • What experience or qualifications are you looking to receive from doing this job role?

RM Training offer excellent advice on our Pre-Employment Courses for you to take on board during your job search.

Not only can we offer other tips and advice on the process of applying for different jobs (along with help on how best to fill out a specific application form provided by the company), but we can also help make your application more eye-catching.

Job search activities we can provide advice on, include:

  • Personalised online job searches.
  • Searching local paper for employment opportunities.
  • Guidance with employment application forms.
  • Advice when writing cover letters and personal profiles.
  • Keeping your CV up-to-date.

Meanwhile, why not have a look at our Apprenticeship Vacancies page to find out what Apprenticeship Qualifications are currently available?

For further information, contact RM Training today.