Functional Skills

What Are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills help to provide the individual, with a basic understanding – whether it be Maths, English or ICT – which will help benefit them when they get a job in the future.

It is important that people have some sort of qualification these subject areas (whether it be GCSE (A – C grade) or Functional Skills in order for them to be confident to navigate their way around their job.

For a lot of jobs, English, Maths and ICT skills are necessary and we know it can become disheartening for employees, if they feel they feel they’re not qualified enough for a job, which is why we offer Functional Skills courses.

What Are The Levels of Functional Skills?

There are 2 Levels of Functional Skills available. These are simply called Level 1 and Level 2, and you can do either of these levels in Maths English and ICT.

What Are Functional Skills Equivalent To?

All Functional Skills are equivalent to GCSE grades, however, depending on what level Functional Skill you take, depends on the grade that it is equivalent to.

Level 1 Function Skills is equivalent to an E – D GCSE grade, while a Level 2 Functional Skills is equivalent to a level C – A* Grade.

Functional Skills English

The Functional Skills English course, covers all the basic areas of the English language.

The topics that will be focused on during your test, are your writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. This test will assess how the candidate copes in their day-to-day life, from everyday normalities to work situations.

English will ultimately be extremely helpful no matter the sector you work in, since you will be talking to people every day, and will more than likely need to write professional emails to colleagues and employers, along with letters.

Functional Skills Maths

The aim of the Functional Skills Maths course, is to provide the learner with skills that they will be using during their job role.

From simple sums, to converting measurements, getting a Functional Skills Maths qualification will be beneficial, whether you are working in an office or shop, to working in carpentry and on building sites.

Functional Skills ICT

Technology is advancing at a fast pace nowadays, to the point where even tech savvy people can struggle to use the newest software and devices. Meanwhile, majority of work is now done on computers, which is why it is highly important that whether you do or don’t know your way around computers, that you learn the basics and get a qualification behind you.