Equality & Diversity

How do we promote Equality and Diversity?

We believe that every employee should be treated the same, no matter what.

We are all unique individuals in our own way, and just because we are different, shouldnโ€™t mean that some employees should be excluded or alternatively receive any special treatment. Therefore, we believe that everyone should receive equal opportunities.

Meanwhile, it is also of high importance that any documents and materials in the workplace, doesnโ€™t discriminate against any member of staff.

Finally, work policies and procedures mustnโ€™t discriminate against any employee.

What is the difference between equality and diversity?

When enforcing equality around the workplace, this ensures that all the members of staff can receive equal opportunities and that everyone is treated the same. Meanwhile, diversity embraces how each employee is different and respected for who they are.

What are the 9 characteristics of equality and diversity?

There are nine protected characteristics of the equality and diversity act, which are:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

What is equality and diversity in the workplace?

The UK rules about equality and diversity in your workplace, helps to protect employees from being discriminated against simply for being different.

This helps them to be embraced for the person they are and valued for the skills and work they provide the company with.

How can we promote diversity in the workplace?

At RM Training, during our interviewing process, we ensure we give each and every candidate an equal opportunity to apply for the apprenticeship role that they are interested in. It is after the interview process that we move the best fitting applicants for the apprenticeship role forward to the employer, for them to choose which applicants they would like to interview.

We ensure that the employers we work with are aware of the rule of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace, while we are searching for candidates for them, along with during the apprenticeโ€™s time of working with the company.