When it comes to apprenticeships, we understand that you must have a lot of questions regarding the course before you start applying for the courses.

On this page we aim to answer all questions you may have regarding the apprenticeship course.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship provides a candidate with the opportunity to get work experience in a selected department (such as Business Administration, Recruitment or Sales) throughout the length of their apprenticeship course.

During this time, the candidate will gain valuable skills and knowledge about the job role they are working in and will get a qualification at the end of their course.

How does an apprenticeship work?

When you are accepted for an apprenticeship, the first two weeks are a paid trial two weeks to see how you settle into the company. After these two weeks, your assigned tutor will visit your workplace to sign you up on your apprenticeship. During this visit you will need to complete a Maths, English and ICT test to see what level you are at and you will pick your apprenticeship units to complete during the course.

After this visit, you will be assigned coursework to complete and will have monthly visits with your tutor to sign off coursework, to check your progress and to see what you have learnt during your apprenticeship.

During this course, you may also need to complete Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT depending on what qualifications you received at school.

Do I have to attend college?

During our apprenticeships, the candidate won’t need to leave their workplace to attend college.

Each month, the apprentice’s tutor will visit their workplace, to have a meeting with the apprentice to find out how they are getting on. During this meeting, the apprentice and their tutor will complete some coursework together, have a review about what the apprentice has so far learnt during their course and the candidate will be set some course work to complete, ready for the tutor’s next visit.

During this meeting, the candidate may also have to complete an English, Maths and ICT Functional Skills test.

How long does an apprenticeship last for?

At RM Training, most of our apprenticeships last for a year, however, some apprenticeships can last for longer.

What apprenticeship courses are available?

  • At RM Training, we offer a wide range of apprenticeship courses to try and cover most working areas young people will be interested in:

    • Business Admin Level 2 and 3
    • Customer Service Level 2 and 3
    • Management Level 3, 4 and 5
    • Marketing Level 3
    • Recruitment Level 2 and 3
    • Retail Level 2
    • Sales Level 2 and 3
    • Team Leading Level 2
    • Warehousing Level 2
    • Youth Work Level 2 and 3

    However, please do check our Vacancies page to find out what apprenticeship courses are currently available.

What certificates will I receive at the end of my apprenticeship?

At the end of a successfully completed apprenticeship, the candidate will receive a certificate in the qualification they took, for instance Management or Marketing.

Additionally, if they took their Functional Skills during their apprenticeship, they will also receive certificates for all Functional Skills tests they took and passed.

Will my employment continue at the end of an apprenticeship?

Many clients we work with will offer the apprentice an interview for a permanent job role at the end of a successfully completed apprenticeship, however this is not guaranteed.