Business Administration

Our Business Administration Apprenticeship course is extremely beneficial since it can be applied to most working environments.

Business Administration can cover a variety of tasks, from keeping social media up to date, assisting customers, or helping out with paperwork and documents – these tasks all fall within the Business Administrator sector.

What is beneficial about the Business Administrator role, is the candidate develops a variety of skills which will support their progression throughout the course. Meanwhile, this role is responsible for providing support and working with the other parts of the company. The apprentice will learn to use their initiative, gain time management skills and becoming a professional member of the team.

Customer Service

The aim of a Customer Service Apprenticeship role, is to provide your client with a high-quality experience (through either email, social media, over the phone or face-to-face,) while delivering them the goods or the service that they require. It should be an easy, memorable and faultless experience that will ensure the client will return.

The apprentice will be dealing with a variety of skills, from interaction with the client, possibly handling money, advising the client, and potentially contacting the client through email, phone or post after they have received the service to see how they would rate the product and if they would recommend it to anyone.

During this procedure, it is also important that the apprentice meets the company code of conduct, and meets their customer service standards and strategy.

This is an ideal role for a candidate who enjoys working and talking to people and would like to work their way up in a customer service role.

Digital Marketing

With technology advancing and so much work being based on computers and through websites and social media, Marketing job roles are trending and are an attractive industry to get into, for young adults.

From settings campaigns, keeping social media up to date, working on websites and writing and designing emails and letters for clients, you could be taking part in a wide variety of tasks, working in a team and getting a vast amount of experience during this apprenticeship.

Operation/Departmental Management

During the Operation/Departmental Manager job role, the learner will be taught how to manage teams and projects while aiming to achieve the department goals and objectives. No matter the sector or the size of the company, the skills and experience that the learner will gain is priceless and will significantly boost their knowledge and confidence.

From learning how to manage projects, plans and teams, to being aware of time, finances and employee needs, this role is perfect for someone who wants to work their way up in a company.


Over the past few years, recruitment has been a growing industry that has been increasing in popularity, especially among young adults.

It is a fast paced job role and can often be competitive, especially when you can earn commission, which is another reason so many people apply for these apprenticeship roles.

From building candidate and employee relationships, using social media to your advantage and identifying client recruitment requirements, this job will help you build experience and confidence.


During a retail apprenticeship, your job will be to assist customers,  from recommending products and helping them find what they are looking for, to selling them products. It is therefore important to have a basic understanding of the products being sold and how to use various payment methods, such as using the card machine and till.

This course can take place in a wide variety of establishments, from small local stores, to highly recognised chains. Online stores can also be included in this apprenticeship course.

Sales and Telesales

If you are an enthusiastic individual who enjoys talking with clients on a day-to-day basis, then have you considered a Sales Apprenticeship?

Sales is all about building relationships with your clients, helping them with any questions they may have while also being great at recommending them other services and products that they will be interested in (from your time of working with them an knowing their likes and dislikes), to try and make more sales.

Over time, you will learn hints and tips on the best way to approach new clients and introduce them to your business, along with great ways to update social media and to draft professional emails.

Team Leading

When you enter a Team Leader or Management role, you will be in a first line management role. Therefore, you will have operational and project responsibilities, along with the responsibility to manage a team.

Your responsibility will be to provide aims for your team to work to, with step-by-step plans to ensure that the targets are met. Depending on what sector you will be working in, will depend what responsibilities you have for your team leader or Management role, but ultimately you will be on the same course and achieving the same qualifications.

The main responsibility you will have, is to support, manage and to develop your team, projects and workload, making sure everything runs smoothly, deadlines are met and work is completed to a high standard.

Warehousing and Storage

Warehousing is a task that keeps you busy, sorting out customer orders, unloading and reloading deliveries, along with dispatching orders on time to ensure they arrive at their delivery destination by the time set.

During this apprenticeship role, you will learn how to work independently, along with as part of a team.

Training for the candidate, depending on the job role they have taken on and the company they are working for can vary, where some companies may even choose to train their employee to use a fork lift truck.

Day-to-day activities may vary and this is definitely a busy hands on job for people who like to keep moving.

Youth Work

Youth Work is a highly important career, since so many young people need help and support.

Whether they have a broken family, get bullied at school or simply have general day-to-date difficulties, it is important they have a person they can speak to, who can offer advice and answer questions.

If you feel like this is the job for you, then follow the link to find out about this apprenticeship and how you can help in supporting young people and their educational and social growth.

For further information about our apprenticeship scheme and the structure, please feel free to call or send us an email.