About Us

RM Training is a small recruitment company located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, which was established in 2008.
Our aim is to help unemployed youths find employment in this busy world, where it can be a struggle to get work experience and your foot in the door.

We do this through working alongside companies who would like to take on an apprentice. Working as an apprentice can provide people with the knowledge and experience that they need, to attain a full-time and full-paying job at the end of the course.

Meanwhile, we also offer CSCS and Health & Safety training, along with employability courses, to provide our learners with a wider range of skills that they can offer companies, when looking for work.

Furthermore, for people who already have attained a job but feel as if they need a bit of extra knowledge and training to complete their job to the highest quality possible, we offer a wide range of Upskilling Courses.


Our Mission Statement explains how: RM Training is committed to deliver quality training by giving learners a fulfilling experience, to help them realise their potential and achieve their life long aspirations. RM Training also promote and support employee development and organisational effectiveness by providing high quality educational training programs.


Our Vision is to deliver all of our learners high quality training, while also growing as a business and to become a nationally recognised Training Provider in South East England.


Our RM Training Values are highly customer focused Рwe want our clients to have the best experience possible when taking on an apprentice, so we can achieve an increase in apprenticeship numbers and reduce youth unemployment.

We aim to:

  • Build and maintain excellent customer relationships, helping employers develop a skilled workforce.
  • Meeting the wants and needs of our clients, ensuring clients are offered suitable apprentices and that learners get opportunities to enrol on high quality apprenticeships.
  • Learners are given information and advice on progression opportunities, to meet the strategic aim of 50% of learners progressing to further qualifications or training.
  • Each client is different and has different needs; our Learners and Employers receive individual advice and support to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Going the extra mile to support a client or learner and leave an excellent and memorable impression of RM Training, which will influence their future options and choices.


We want to make things happen fast, to support growing business, therefore we:

  • Prioritise your needs and ensure that employer and learner needs are met as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • We encourage our learners to do their best and to learn and develop their knowledge to support your company and it’s growth and to meet their aims and objectives.


We have a win-win attitude, to support unemployed young people into an apprenticeship:

  • Making sure both you and the client achieve goals by helping you meet your target.
  • Make certain the best outcome is achieved for the leaner and employer.


Respect, support and team work:

  • Support and guide each other when they need help.
  • Treating each other fairly.
  • To have trust and treat each other equally in the team.
  • Listen, provide feedback and to take action on any issues.
  • To have integrity.